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Golden, CO  Funeral Homes

The following funeral service provider list is in Golden, Colorado. Please select a funeral home listing below to view more details about local services provided.
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Becker Matt R Funeral Director
1950 Ford Street
Golden , CO 80401
(303) 279-1110
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Catholic Archdiocese of Denver Cemetery
12801 West 44 Avenue
Golden , CO
(303) 424-7785
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Foothills Chapel Cremation and Funeral Service
1950 Ford Street
Golden , CO 80401
(303) 279-1110
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Golden Cemetery
Highway 6 & Ulysses
Golden , CO 80401
(303) 279-1435
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Olinger Mortuaries and Cemeteries Golden Olinger Woods Chapel
1100 Washington Avenue
Golden , CO 80401
(303) 279-4575
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Send Flowers to Olinger Mortuaries and Cemeteries Golden Olinger Woods Chapel

Send Sympathy Flowers to any Funeral Home in Golden, Colorado

Local Obituaries and Funeral Notice News

One thing leads to another, like the mystery man on the hill - Richmond Daily News

Mon, Jun 25, 2012
Masons, from Greenland’s icy mountains to India’s coral strand, where Africa’s sunny fountains roll down their golden sands, etc.“The services were begun by singing ‘Onward Christian Soldiers,’  Mr. W.S. Alnutt leading the singing, with Miss Benora Maddux presiding gracefully at the piano, after which prayer was offered by the pastor, followed by the singing of ‘Blest Be the Tie That Binds.’“Professor W.S. Drace then read the minutes of the preliminary meeting of the first Grand Lodge in London 1717 and the minutes of the occasion when four lodges met in the World’s metropolis on June 24, 1717.“The sermon of Rev. Aker was so good all the way through that The Missourian regrets that it is not here printed in full. The secretary of Richmond Lodge, Mr. Durward Brady, expressed the sentiments of all who heard it when he said to the writer, ‘I marveled at its excellence. It was the finest address that I ever heard on Masonry in all my life.’“Brother Aker said there are 2,000,000 Masons in the world, and his tribute to the order was as beautiful as it was true. He touched the spot in reference to those who manifest a desire to criticize the order, and it is a pity that a few who are so inclined could not have heard what he said in reference to criticism.“ ‘The only man who is not criticized by some individual in Richmond sleeps over yonder on the hill.’ he said, pointing in the direction of the cemetery.“It has been well said that ‘The best Mason makes the best Christian and the best Christian makes the best Mason.’ The preacher wan...

Fort Wayne church's dinner program finds niche as it feeds ... - Greenfield Daily Reporter

Mon, Jun 25, 2012
It's cheap. It's very easy. But not very good." Welcome to Soul Food Wednesdays, where the food, by all accounts, is very good - as well as free and coming with no strings attached. Linda Golden, a long-time church member who helped get the new dinner program started, says the church doesn't take names, have income limits or require documentation of need. "You just come, and we're going to feed you," she says. The need for food assistance in the congregation's neighborhood has quickly become apparent, says Golden, a licensed minister. The program has been up and running for only eight weeks, and as many as 150 people have been served on a single night. Wednesday, 82 had been served by 5 p.m., with a nearly a dozen more on their way up the stairs that lead to the church kitchen's food pass-through. Homelessness, unemployment and under-employment lead many to the dinners, which are served between 4:45 and 6 p.m. Wednesdays, Golden says. "Usually it's families who come," she says. "They may go to other programs, too, or feel uncomfortable going to a food bank. Some use it to stretch their budget." Often, children outnumber adults, Golden says. Many diners are teens and tweens who come unaccompanied, including a group of nine boys who last Wednesday arrived sweaty. One carried ...

William J. Murphy, funeral director, volunteer

Sun, Apr 1, 2012
Turkey Trot. He also was past chairman of the branch’s board of management and was twice honored as the branch volunteer of the year. In 1999, he was given the Golden Key Award, the highest volunteer honor, at the annual YMCA Buffalo Niagara dinner. He also was involved with many other North Buffalo civic organizations. He was a member of the North Buffalo Lions Club, served for 10 years on the board of the North Buffalo Kiwanis Club and served on the board of the North Buffalo Business Association for five years. He was a dedicated volunteer with the Buffalo Philharmonic Athletic Club and received the volunteer of the year award from the Skating Association for the Blind and Handicapped (SABAH). He served as chairman of program sales for SABAH’s annual show. He also helped at the annual dance and socials sponsored by the American Association for the Blind. He was head usher at St. Margaret’s Catholic Church and helped acquire infirmary furniture for the Carmelite Convent on Carmel Road. He also was active with members of his college fraternity, Alpha Sigma Phi. His lifelong interest in art began when he attended the former Albright Art School. He collected Asian and American artwork, from porcelains to oil painting... (The Buffalo News)

Visitor from War of 1812 visits Daughters of the American Revolution for lunch -

Thu, Mar 22, 2012
Society, was on hand to discuss New Jersey history, naval tactics and his many experiences in battles great and small. Macechak appeared in uniform, with an officers sabre strapped to his hip and golden epaulets gleaming. The Daughters of the American Revolution do a number of similar events, bringing in period experts to demonstrate the clothes, speech and attitudes of earlier Americans. "We like to try and bring history alive," DAR member Valerie Baron said. "We enjoy having programs like this, that are educational about American history, and help to preserve local history." Macechack spoke in detail about the great captain's more famous engagements, including a daring nighttime raid to burn the USS Philadelphia, an American vessel that had been captured by bloodthirsty buccaneers during the Barbary Pirate War; his great victory against the British vessel, the HMS Peacock; and his personal duel with English captain Philip Broke which culminated in a crushing defeat for Lawrence beneath the guns of Broke's HMS Shannon.Though he may be an obscure figure today, Capt. Lawrence was very famous in the 1800s; his exploits o...

Speakers detail history of anti-slavery movement in Hockessin - Brandywine East Community News

Thu, Mar 22, 2012
Lydia also refer to her parents' house as an underground station. Heald and his wife Sarah opposed slavery, subscribed to antislavery literature, and raised their children to follow the golden rule and the inner monitor, "What does thy conscience tell thee?" The Healds’ farmhouse is still standing and is privately owned.

Ralph McQuarrie, Artist Behind ‘Star Wars,’ Dies at 82

Tue, Mar 6, 2012
Steve Sansweet, the author of 16 “Star Wars” books and until recently the director of fan relations for Lucasfilm. Among the original images was a tall, elegant, expressionless Art Decoesque golden female robot. Standing to the side was a small, silver robot with a trashcan-like dome, bearing what looked like a big Swiss army knife with an array of implements. That painting became the model for the two droids in the “Star Wars” films. The female evolved into the male droid C-3PO; the sidekick became R2-D2. Another painting depicted a laser-sword fight between two characters. One was swathed in a flowing black cape, a Japanese samurai-like helmet and a mask that filtered a deep, raspy voice; the other was a blond figure wearing a scuba-like breathing mask. They would become the archvillain Darth Vader and the young hero Luke Skywalker, later revealed to be Darth Vader’s son. “Ralph McQuarrie was the first person I hired to help me envision ‘Star Wars,’ ” Mr. Lucas said in a written statement. “When words could not convey my ideas, I could always point to one of Ralph’s fabulous illustrations and say, ‘Do it like this.’ ” He added, “In many ways, he was a generous father to a conceptual art revolution that was born of his artwork, and which seized the imaginations of thousands and propelled them into the film industry.” Ralph Angus McQuarrie was born June 13, 1929, in Gary, Ind., and grew up on a farm near Billings, Mont. He saw combat with the Army during the Korean War and survived a bullet to the head. After the war he attended what is now known as the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. His is survived by his wife of 29 years, the former Joan Benjamin, and a sister, Joan Wolf. Mr. McQuarrie first worked as a technical illustrator for the Boeing Company. He later joined an animation company in California and produced illustrations for CBS’s coverage of the Apollo space program. He was introduced to Mr. Lucas by two colleagues of the director who had known Mr. Lucas when they were students at the University of Southern California film school. Mr. McQuarrie... (New York Times)

Jackson coaches Tigers back to state final - Greenville News

Tue, Mar 6, 2012
COLUMBIA — During his five seasons under the legendary Louie Golden, B.J. Jackson became more and more of a hands-on assistant coach. “It’s easy when your head coach comes in and gets a cup of water and reads the newspaper on the side of the floor,” Jackson joked Monday. Jackson, who now heads the boys basketball program at Southside, was at the state finals press conference at the South Carolina High School League. He has led a team to the state championsh...

Rupert Cornwell: Why Republicans need another Ike to lead them - The Independent

Sun, Feb 26, 2012
Ike would have struck back at Afghanistan after 9/11, but he would never have blundered into a pre-emptive attack on Iraq. Today, the Fifties have an imaginary golden aura of prosperity, simplicity and national concord. But part of that was due to Ike, as he took care to balance the budget, and work as smoothly with the Democrats in Congress as he did with the politicians and generals in the Second World War. And when he left office in 1961, he made that prophetic warning about the growth of the military-industrial complex, that now rings truer than ever. Half a century after he left office, Republicans don't talk much about Eisenhower. Instead, they swear eternal fealty to Ronald Reagan. But what they surely need right now is another Eisenhower. Of course, he would be far too moderate for them – Eisenhower Republicans are as rare a species as One Nation Tories. Wednesday saw what was probably the last 2012 candidates' debate. It was a real debate to be sure, but it did not break the pattern of this primary season – an insane stampede to the right, the quest to be the most perfect conservative of all, the insistence on a purity of faith St Ron himself could never aspire to. Barack Obama is delighted as his opponents furnish quotes against each other that Democrats will use to devastating effect in the general election. And that's why there's talk of a brokered convention in Tampa, in which some dream of a new entrant (read Jeb Bush) riding to the rescue – even though Karl Rove, that unmatched reader of Republican tea leaves, says there's as much chance of this as of finding life on Pluto. That's why, if the hard-right social conservative Santorum wins the nomination, talk will grow of a third-party candidate, a deficit hawk who's moderate on social issues. That won't happen either. But if a temporary memorial to Ike belongs anywhere, it's at the entrance to the Tampa Bay Times Forum where August's proceedings will unfold.

Dennis Gomes, Atlantic City Casino Operator, Dies at 68

Sun, Feb 26, 2012
I knew the business from the inside out.” Two years ago, after operating more than a dozen casinos and resorts across the country — among them the Indiana Live in Indianapolis, the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas and the Tropicana and the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City — Mr. Gomes joined Morris Bailey, a New York real estate investor, to buy the Resorts Casino Hotel. They paid $31.5 million. Time at the tables and a stroll along the Boardwalk were not enough to attract tourists to Atlantic City, Mr. Gomes believed. “I like doing things that capture people’s attention,” he told The Star-Ledger in Newark last September. By then he had heavy-metal music blaring in the showroom at Resorts, along with aerialists in black push-up bras and bikini bottoms swinging from the ceiling — part of a revue called “Cirque Risque.” He had the casino refurbished in a 1920s style to reflect the city’s rakish past, with female beverage servers wearing skimpy flapper costumes. For a burlesque show called “Moonlight Follies,” he unveiled a billboard near the casino showing a female posterior covered only by a G-string and beads. In July, Mr. Gomes opened a nightclub called Prohibition that is believed to be the first full-time gay bar at any big American casino. “I feel like I’m doing something that needs to be done, but it’s perfect because the right thing to do is the lucrative thing to do, too,” he told The New York Times. Before his co-ownership of Resorts , Mr. Gomes had become known in the industry for unusual publicity stunts. To promote the casino in In... (New York Times)

You slay me - Baltimore Sun (blog)

Fri, Feb 24, 2012
The readers who are comfortable with journalese, who formed the newspaper habit early, are climbing the golden staircase,* and the succeeding generations are not developing the habit. Why? One reason might well be that journalese sounds odd and unappealing to them.** This meditation was sparked by a tweet from the admirable Jim Romenesko directing me to an article by Bob Ingrassia, "Words Journalists Use That People Never Say." You will recognize them: altercation, police report language caught by repo...

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Precious Memories
5815 East State Highway 14
Fort Collins , CO 80524

Ascension Catholic Funeral and Cremation Services
3200 Wadsworth Boulevard
Wheat Ridge , CO 80033

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10200 East Mississippi Avenue
Denver , CO 80247

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